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Day Offline

€109.00 / 5 h


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Jump in, let go of electronics and welcome the real lake life & nature.

Anything can happen in the wild nature of Finland. It can rain - Let it rain, feel the rain drops. Are they warm? Are they cold? Is it sunny?  How the breeze feels in your skin? What do you hear around you? Birds? Laughter of your buddies? Ask yourself: How am I? How am I feeling all the nature around?

Take an adventure! 


Trip includes:

Fishing experiece

Learn how to boil coffee at campfire

Visit in the forest wilderness


Most important:


  • Lohja Harbour
  • Zander from Lake Lohja
  • Midnight summer fest - Finnish  tradition  to celebrate the nightless night.
  • First fish of the season - Pike! First fish of the season at the early spring. It´s cold, but cold means adventure and survival. Be adventures!