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Smoke sauna experience at Kettukallion Elämystila

€700.00 / 8 h
Price includes 10 persons. Extras:
  • Saunojia€14.90


Kettukallion Elämystila kettukallio.korpijaakko@gmail.com 044 9885760 Company id: 1810921-5 Merchant terms

We give you a chance to experience traditional Finnish smoke sauna. It is the origin of today’s Finnish everyday sauna. Right beside the smoke sauna there is a hot tub for sitting in and relaxing while listening the nature. In sauna has room for about 15 persons in the same time and the hot tub has a room for 8 persons.
Price includes towels.

Optional extras: Dinner in a lapp hut, accommodation and breakfast

  • Smoke sauna heating